If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect for selling your house and moving up to your dream home… we get it.

Now that you’re ready for more space, a better commute, maybe some acreage, or, just perhaps moving into the neighborhood you’ve been dreaming of…

You know that getting these two transactions right is extremely important.

You need the highest possible price for your existing home, to help realize the “dream” home and lifestyle you’ve been visualizing. And, you deserve as seamless a transition as possible.


You can count on us for a down-to-earth guidance and a stress-free approach. And with over $40 Million sold in greater Columbus real estate, our happy clients can speak to this.

Buying and selling a home at the same time is chaotic. You might find yourself living in limbo and often on an emotional rollercoaster.

We’ve been there. That’s why our approach takes as much controllable stress out of the transactions as possible, so you can get what you really want and realize your dreams.

What to expect with The Nitzschke Team

Initial Phone Call

Our priorities on this call will be to understand your goals, our process, and if it’s a fit, schedule your Strategic Marketing Consultation.

Strategic Marketing Consultation

During this in-person meeting at your house we will cover your goals and current situation in detail. We will specifically address the process of, and options for, buying and selling at the same time based on your unique situation. We will go over ways you can potentially maximize proceeds on the sale of your property, talk through comparable market data to establish a viable list price, identify approximate proceeds from your sale and cover important details to prepare you for selling and buying.

The really fun part – understanding what your “dream” home looks like

We will take this time to really understand what “dream” means to you, as well as discuss the best in offer and negotiation strategies. We’ll also set you up to receive emails and alerts, along with giving you access to our home search app.


Our goal is to keep you informed, always maintain a step ahead and move you as efficiently and stress-free as possible. Taking this step will change your entire trajectory; our strategies will seamlessly help you realize that next chapter.

If you’re thinking of selling in the next 12 months, it’s time to get your strategic plan in place.

We’ll briefly cover your goals, how we work with clients, and if it’s a good fit, our next strategic steps to get you what you really want.

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